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Thanks for nothing, WordPress – but I’m sort of here anyway.

img_2980Winter Aconites pushing through moss and decaying leaves in my woodland garden.


I was going to tell you about nature in my garden.

BUT FIRST. . .   A rant about my new blog host, owner or whatever the correct term is. 

After trying to set up a workable blog for about ten days, I’ve discovered the world of WordPress to be  hostile, labyrinthine and hellish.  I freely admit to having a crushing ineptitude for working out the mechanics of how  to post a story bedecked with attractive pictures and looking reasonably pretty on the page. But it shouldn’t be as difficult as it has turned out to be – should it?

I have paid a great deal of money for a premium WordPress subscription and even more for a fancy set of ‘Themes’ – whatever they are.  I have spent days of tearful frustration, trying to find effective and sympathetic help – but without result. The WordPress chatline seems largely dysfunctional and has not succeeded in talking me through any of the functions.

Copious advice flows on how to write, on what sort of stuff people like to read and how to attract business.  But having earned my living for the past 32 years as a not-unsuccessful writer and journalist, I have a suspicion that  that particular nut has been cracked.  Not that there isn’t always room for learning and improvement.

So here’s some advice for WordPress: please assume that some of your new users are complete idiots who haven’t a clue about widgets, tags, domains and all that crap.  It would help if you issued a simple tutorial which we can print out on paper and have to hand while we make our first trembling steps into your perplexing world.

Start us at the beginning by saying exactly what you are and what you do.  Then, take us through the process, step by step, blow by blow, picture by picture and so on.  Teach us how to dig ourselves out of a dead end and show us how to undo mistakes. Then, leave us alone and allow us to have fun with our blogs.

No one at WordPress will heed this cry of despair, of course.  Indeed, I suspect that there may not be any humans there in WordPressland.  But having written about my woes, I feel a lot better.

A proper post may follow soon . . . if I can remember how to do it.

Toodle – ooh!


2 comments on “Thanks for nothing, WordPress – but I’m sort of here anyway.

  1. Judith says:

    A lovely picture of winter aconites though I’m sorry to hear about your frustration with WordPress. I’d never blogged before I started Beyond the Window Box and had to ask plenty of questions from the WordPress support team in the early days but I found that there were real, helpful people beyond the dreadful name of ‘happiness engineers’. What astonished me was not how long it took me to find my way around my chosen theme (soon replaced by a better one) but just how much the package could do without me having to learn any programming or HTML (I’m still not even sure what that is!) I’m sure you’ll find your way round soon. Good luck!


    1. plantmadnige says:

      Hi Judith,
      Thank you so much for your response. Most of the stupidity is my own but no doubt I’ll get there, in time. Though I doubt I’d ever be able to programme and I hardly know what ‘HTML’ stands for, let alone understanding what you’re supposed to do with one.

      The aconites are just a phone picture in low light. But we do love them here in England because they flower midwinter when the world is still brown, damp and dark.

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